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Meet the Team

Marianne Hartman

Marianne is the visionary of the Minis With A Mission, Inc. A registered school nurse and lifelong animal lover and handler, she has a passion for connecting people and animals. Marianne is experienced in animal and equine rescue and rehabilitation and working with children and adults, She has seen first-hand the healing power animals can bring to people with physical, mental and spiritual suffering. Marianne has been facilitating mini-equine visits and connections in the community for more than 4 years.

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Laurie Lowe

Laurie is a co-founder of MWAM, has a doctorate degree in pharmacy and works in the pharmaceutical industry.  Laurie is struck by the complete mindful presence equines demand, and how therapeutic achieving this presence is in today’s fast-paced and distracted world. Laurie is passionate about donkeys and their intelligence, and that they can be much more than a paddock ornament. She believes donkeys are fantastic pets and can be wonderful walking, running, hiking and camping companions. She is excited to apply her corporate knowledge and experience as an Insights Discovery Practitioner and Go Make A Difference Coach into the MWAM Take The Lead Programs to help individuals build essential life skills.

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Liz Kensicki

Liz Kensicki is a country girl at heart and grew up on a 24-acre farm in Ohio. From a very young age Liz participated in local 4-H programs and spent hours in the barn with her animals. After just a few farm visits and the first MWAM event as an animal handler, Liz knew she wanted to get fully on board and support MWAM’s work and mission. Her favorite moment at MWAM events is witnessing the excitement, curiosities and smiles that come with meeting the minis for the first time.

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