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Minis With A Mission, Inc.  was conceived by Team Leader Marianne Hartmann in 2017 while volunteering at an equine rescue. Knowing and believing from the heart in the healing power of equines, she started training and working with rescued mini horses Fluffernutter (or Fluff), Pixie, and Romeo to bring them to people in schools, nursing homes, assisted livings, hospices, and community events.

The response to the mini horses was magical and overwhelmingly positive. Wanting to expand the reach of the Minis throughout the community, in the Fall of 2021, Marianne joined together with Team Leader, Laurie Lowe, to integrate donkeys, and Betsy Shea Davis to establish Minis With A Mission, Inc., as an independent nonprofit with 501C3 status. We look forward to many great years ahead. 


Minis at Hospice.jpg

Minis With A Mission, Inc. brings our trained miniature horses and donkeys safely out in the community to populations that can benefit from the equine connection. This includes individuals experiencing isolation, anxiety, stress, and depression.


We visit schools, nursing homes, hospice houses, assisted livings, hospitals, and a variety of community gatherings to bring healing and comfort through the human-equine connection.

Minis With A Mission, Inc. also supports our communities with equine visits just for pure fun and joy.


Please contact us to ask about arranging a visit or having us attend an event. 

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